• Four reasons why you should buy gemstones only from India.
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    Gautam Karamchandani

Four reasons why you should buy gemstones only from India.

India's love story with colorful gemstones has been one that has been consistent throughout the ages. The fact is, a deep appreciation and respect for raw precious and semi-precious materials is ingrained in our society. But it is not just this lineage that makes India one of the best destinations to source out finely cut, high-quality gemstones. Here are four great reasons why you should be buying your gemstones here in India - the land of infinite variety.

  1. Excellent location that is rich in natural resources - India is a country that is, in itself, extremely rich in natural resources with thriving mines that produce the finest quality rough diamonds, aquamarines, citrines, amethyst, garnets, rubies, etc.
  2. Easy gemstone trading with neighboring countries - Strategically positioned in the center of a thriving gemstone mining region of the world, India's neighboring countries such as Myanmar (well known for its rubies, peridots, etc.), Sri Lanka (well known for its sapphires, spinels, kunzites, etc.), make trading of precious and semi-precious gems an easy and convenient proposition. Today, India is a leading importer of rough emeralds from countries such as Zambia in Africa and Brazil in South America, and also imports Tanzanites from Tanzania.
  3. Quality cutting and polishing facilities - India has long been renowned for it high-quality gemstone cutting and polishing establishments in states such as Gujarat and Rajasthan; specifically in the Khambat region of Gujarat and Jaipur city in Rajasthan. These centers for gemstone processing and trading offer the finest gemstones to the world and have been doing do for decades now.
  4. Competitive pricing of high quality gemstones - Jewel cutters in India have, over the centuries, perfected the art of cutting and polishing gemstones. Using quality craftsmanship, they are able to craft a rough gemstone into a finished cut stone with minimum wastage. This offers a unique advantage of maximum output from each rough gemstone. Low wastage ensures better value and hence prices in India are extremely competitive when compared with the rest of the world.
So the next time you are looking to purchase high-quality gemstones at reasonable prices, you know where to start.
  • Post author
    Gautam Karamchandani