Company Overview

Gemsstar Jewelers is an expertise gemstone and jewelry business with deep foundations in a highly competitive marketplace, extensive knowledge, and essential industry experience that spans almost 3 decades.

With a professional outlook on the business of jewelry design and craftsmanship, a keen eye for quality, and a penchant for perfection, our family-run business has thrived since it was first founded in 1986. We cater to several organizations and individuals across the globe through our Head Office located in Bandra West, Mumbai.

Our creations, envisioned by a team of inspired designers and crafted by some of the finest jewelry sculptors in the trade, have been showcased in several international jewelry shows and exhibitions in the United States, at Las Vegas, Tuscon, Detroit, and Minneapolis, and also in Basel, Switzerland.

Core Values
Commitment to Quality
Integrity in Dealings
Total Transparency
Speed of Delivery
Total Customer Satisfaction

To build life-long relationships with our customers by creating and spreading happiness and joy through our creations.
To add value to people's lives through our designs and by delivering high-quality craftsmanship through our products.

To become the gemstone jewelry destination, on-ground and online, across the world.